Taif Rose

“Perfume in itself is a product closely associated with the concept of luxury since the early days of our ancestry, whose efforts of seeking out the best materials of the land to produce the best fragrances. One such deeply prized perfumery material is the 30 petaled- Taif Rose.”


Taif Rose(Rosa damascena trigintipetala), also referred to as Wardh Taifi by the East, is a plant of cultural significance in the Middle East, which holds centuries long of history. Its labour intensive production is the reason why it is sacred and precious to the identity of the Taif people. Taif Rose perfumes are usable by members of both genders.


The Taif Rose is grown in Taif, one of the oldest cities in the world. It is located in the western part of Saudi Arabia, close to the holy city of Mecca.

Its close similarities to the Bulagrian Kazanlik Rose suggest that it could have been brought over by the Ottoman Turks, who conquered much of the Arabian peninsula in the 16th Century CE.

More than two centuries ago, Taif Rose petals were collected, firmly sealed and brought to Mecca on camels’ backs. It was there where attar (perfume or essence) was produced by Indian distillers. Their technique was the infusion of rose distillate into sandalwood oil which resulted in fresh, floral and woody notes.

Interestingly, this mix can still be found in India, and, even though very rarely, in Saudi Arabia, too.

Today, rose oil production in Taif, although of the highest quality, appears modest compared to quantities produced by the big exporters of Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, China, Morocco, and Iran.


– Hints of Eastern Tea
– Soft Powderiness
– Deep fragrance
– Reduce tension and stress
– Help cure headache and insomnia
– Quickly absorbed by skin (Not long lasting)
– Considered a powerful sexual tonic
– Can be of great help during menopause
– Added in custards, jellies, and sweets for its fragrance

Taif Rose Season

Every April, the terraced fields on Taif are filled with the pink of the roses, as far as the human eye can see. However, the season is fleeting, lasting just a month.

Just as fleeting is the harvest, which takes place well before dawn to prevent the heat from the sun from evaporating the volatile rose oils. All Taif Roses are handpicked, and visitors willing to lend a hand are most appreciated at harvest time.

Every day, harvesting begins at dawn and is over by 7:00 a.m. Because, by noon, an unpicked blossom will already have lost half the oil it had at dawn.

From the fields, the roses are carried to distilleries in Taif where they are weighed and poured into large copper pots that can hold 10,000 to 20,000 roses. Water is added and the roses are simmered for six hours.

The distillation process produces droplets of essential oil which are further distilled a second time, eventually producing one tolah of attar, a mere 11.6 grams, which may retail for $500 to $800.

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