Ylang-Ylang: Scent of The Tropic’s Star

Honored the Queen Of Perfumes- The star shaped Ylang-Ylang from parts of Southeast Asia is at the top of the price scale, and attributed to 40% of quality perfume’s composition […]

Patchouli: The Popular Star In Perfumery

The patchouli is a widely commercialized angiosperm (flowering plant) species that hails from the Lamiaceae genus, commonly generalized by many as the mint or the deadnettle. Fun fact: Do you […]

Exploring the Uses of Grapefruit in Perfumery

As if the name “Grapefruit” wasn’t polarizing enough already, the fruit draws both affection and ire from people from the back when times, even referring to it as the “forbidden […]

Boronia: A Symbol of Privilege in Perfumery

With an outer suburb area named after it, the Boronia is an extremely desirable, but hard to cultivate horticultural plant that saw its origins from the aboriginal and dry lands […]

Scents in Fashion

“A man I know once sat next to Yves Saint Laurent at a Paris dinner party. He asked, “What portion of Yves Saint Laurent revenues are accounted for by perfume?” […]

Fragrance Oils VS Alcohol-Based Perfumes

We know you love to smell great, but did you know that when you use alcohol-based perfumes, the scent can be offensive to others around you? You know the feeling […]