Precision Perfume is a Niche Fragrance House.

Precision Perfume’s journey started with Atasha’s realization that the designer fragrances he had been collecting for years weren’t quite right for him. While they smelled reasonably good, the strong scents often caused him headaches – and further investigation revealed that these perfumes were made with artificial synthetic ingredients that could cause allergies or other health concerns. What’s more, he found that what you’re spraying into the air as you mist yourself with a fragrance can be harmful to the environment.

At Precision Perfume, we specialize in crafting luxurious fragrances with exquisite ingredients to bring out your confidence and beauty. Our natural scents are designed to create a timeless memory. Whether you’re looking for a familiar scent, we call it “Klaseek” or a unique legendary fragrance such as Musk, or de Roos. With Precision Perfume, you can be sure that your scent will make a remarkable impression.

We understand that finding the right scent is a personal journey and we are here to help you along the way.

ATASHA – Fragrance Designer / Nose


“Scents of the Soul : A Journey of Self-Discovery”

I roamed the lands, in search of something real,
A scent that would linger, that I could truly feel.
Aroma of nature, that can never be replaced,
Klasik, Musk, and de Roos, with a hint of grace.
A fragrance that will linger, on body, mind and soul,
Courage and beauty, my heart shall forever hold.
This incredible journey, that I have found,
I thank Allah for the scent that surrounds.
For the beauty that I see, and the love that I feel,
I am forever grateful for this sweet, sweet deal.

Interpretive Analysis

This poem is about the narrator’s journey to find a meaningful, lasting scent that speaks to their soul. The narrator is searching for something real and meaningful, and finds it in the aroma of nature represented by Klasik, Musk, and de Roos. By connecting with the beauty of nature, the narrator finds courage and beauty that will stay with them forever. The poem ultimately expresses the narrator’s appreciation for the scent that they have found, thanking Allah for it. The poem could be interpreted as a metaphor for the narrator’s spiritual journey and appreciation for the blessings of life.

Art Masterpiece by Raja Azhar Idris (Award-winning artist) for Precision Perfume